Saturday, August 21, 2010

Welcome to Dance For Three

Talitha has separated from her unloving ex and attends line dancing classes to lose weight and acquire social skills. Jared and Nathan, loving partners, are there so Jared can learn to dance before his cousin’s wedding. When the men invite Talitha to join them for a sexy romp, what girl could resist these two hot, hard guys. The sex is scorching and the trio continue to dance in the sheets, not just at class.
But what will happen when the dancing lessons end? Will Talitha see them again?

"Dance for Three” got 4 Angels from Bella at Fallen Angels! She said, “There's something compelling about a seemingly gay male couple taking a woman as their third. This couple adds delicious romance to their seduction of Talitha with soft candlelight, music and gentle loving. It was as if she was the most beautiful treasure and they were her caretakers. I was swept away on this tide of sensuality.”
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Tiger Lily gave "Dance for Three" four cherries.
She said, "I liked the concept of this story. She’s not what pop culture considers thin and beautiful. She’s what the rest of us call normal and healthy. Add in the two male elements — a pair of gay men who don’t need a woman in the relationship but can’t seem to keep their hands off her and it makes for a fun, breezy read.
Jared and Nathan were my favorite characters because they never once gave up in convincing Talitha to join them, be it for drinks, a vacation, or a romp between the sheets. Smooth operators your names are Nathan and Jared. Plus, they have some great lines that made me laugh. The scenes where they’re together and showing their affections for each other were simply divine as well. Gives me shivers thinking about it."

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And Tamara gave it four-and-a-half ravens.
"What a sexy little read this is!
I absolutely loved the idea that Jared has two left feet which led him to joining a line dancing class. This goes to show the talent of this author because I could easily imagine, Nathan dragging Jared into the crowded club where they met the wonderful Talitha.
Ms Brown has penned a very delightful sexy tale with Dance for Three. I will definitely try her writing again."

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